Northern Wisconsin Tourists – The DoppBarts

January 6, 2015

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Justin and I just happen to have over a week off of shoots, weddings and commitments – we we just got in the car and went North. We had no plans, we just had a few touristy things we wanted to see and that was it. Destinations in mind, and car gassed up we left to the great north-woods. The good ol Jeep packed up with a cooler of food and drinks, camping gear and other fun things we thought we needed. We made sure to grab a map at one of the way stations, which came is VERY handy with all the back roads we decided to take. We went through a lot of little towns – some were horror movie worthy to say the least. Others were super cute I wish it wasn’t the off season and we could have walked around and looked in the shops.

Our first stop was to have a beer with our awesome friend Kate in Eau Claire where we stayed at a hotel that we couldn’t believe cost us a much as it did. But it had a bed, and we were tired so it worked. It was great to visit with dear friends – but what was even better is that Justin and I went out to dinner. It was a perfect night out – relaxing and knowing that we could sleep in was FABULOUS! We then headed North – where we made a random stop to Christi Mountain. It was closed, but we just stopped and took a few pictures.

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We then stopped in Hayward, where I was told was a large fish! I have never seen it so we stopped, sadly it was closed! You will notice in this post that sort of thing happened to us a lot. The sad part of going on a touristy vacation in the Fall.

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Most of our trip was guided by the app from – this is an AWESOME app, where you can plan your trip from start to finish. This is how I found out about the Tallest Indian, it was pretty cool to see! Plus it had a train car for us to climb on and be silly! It also had one of the most beautiful walls covered in color leaves! So of course we had to stop and have a little photo shoot in front of it! A must right!!!???

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On our way to the campground at Porcupine Mountains we came across a wolf crossing the road. With all the things I have seen in my travels crossing roads such as moose, elk, deer, and buffalo – this was my first wolf! And it didn’t run away either, it calmly crossed the road and looked back at us. Camping at Porcupine was really chilly, but camping next to a cliff and listening to the crashing of waves was one of the most relaxing sounds on our trip. We didn’t sleep much because we didn’t plan for how cold it was going to be. But we loved how quiet it was, and sitting next to a fire drinking wine was the best!

In the morning we took a little hike down the cliff we were camped next too. It was steep, slippery but when we got to the bottom it was BEAUTIFUL! Worth all the loss of airĀ  and wobbly legs on the way back up. Another great part of this trip is that 90% of our meals were cooked over an open fire on a cast iron pan. So delicious! After we packed up our campsite, we paid for our campsite and park fee, then went on a walk to see all the falls. It was a short hike, where we came upon some great people, wonderful views and so man stairs!

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We then made our way south after the Porcupine Mountains, passed through small towns, including Woodruff Wisconsin where the largest penny was – but sadly it was closed and the penny was put away for Winter. Insert Sad Face! We then spent the night in Minquoa Wisconsin, in a hotel that was ran by the most adorable old man. When we booked our room we woke him up and he was in his pajamas and robe. This motel room was one of the cleanest we have ever stayed it, and we would stay there again for sure! The next day was the longest drive of the trip, we headed all the way to Door County – with one night at a hotel with the most beautiful view, then 3 nights camping at the Peninsula State Park, where we relaxed around the fire, walked the trails and beach, and drove up and down the beautiful peninsula!

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This vacation was one of the most relaxing and fun vacations as a couple we have taken! We cannot wait to return to up UP and explore the Porcupine Mountains more!

Here’s to more fun adventures with the love of my life!