Eloping At Devil’s Lake State Park? Here’s What You Need To Know.

September 19, 2022

Devils Lake Elopement and Wedding Photography

Whether you’re a Wisco couple looking for an epic (but local) venue or love birds coming from out of state, Devil’s Lake is a beautiful backdrop to your elopement. And to help with your research, we’re giving you some pro tips for planning ahead at this stunning state park. 

It’s Busy. 

The first thing to know about Devil’s Lake is that it’s one of the most popular parks in Wisconsin. With nearly 3 million visitors per year, this one is pretty busy year-round. For prospective elopements, this means wait times, full parking lots, and crowds of people, especially on summer days and weekends. Sure, you could elope on a Saturday with a beach full of screaming kids and family cookouts, OR, you could plan ahead for a less busy day. After all, is it really any less amazing to be married on Tuesday than on a Saturday? 

When you plan your elopement for a slower day, it ensures you spend more time with your partner and less time worrying about being bothered by other visitors, or if you’re taking any pictures (hint, hint) without bothering them either!

There’s paperwork. 

To elope at Devil’s Lake, there’s a bit of paperwork (I know, yuck). Like any state park, everyone needs a vehicle sticker to get in. However, Devil’s Lake fees are higher than other state parks in Wisconsin: 

  • Resident – $13.00
  • Non-resident – $16.00

If you have a National Park Pass, they’ll accept that as well. Get an annual permit online before your date or purchase a day pass the day of. And keep parking in mind too. If it’s busy, you might be taking a bit of a hike before you even reach the trails.

To elope in Devil’s Lake State Park, you’ll also need a Special Event permit. This is a permit that’s necessary for taking photos and holding a “special event” in the park so if you’re dreaming of eloping here, it’s a must. If you’d like help obtaining the right permits, we can help! We’ve done this kind of thing one, or two, or ten times…

Scout Your Spots 

Considering how big the park is and how much walking around you might be doing, it’s a smart idea to scout out the best spots. This means going for a day trip yourself before the elopement, checking out guest reviews online, OR having your photographer scout locations for you. As veteran Wisco photogs, we know all the best spots to help you plan your elopement and navigate the park day-of for an epically seamless experience. Not only will it lift a load off your back, but you’ll also get the best of the best when it comes to backgrounds for your photos. You’ll have more memories of your amazing day and fewer memories of getting lost – though that can be an adventure too.

Devils Lake Elopement

Leave No Trace

Finally, and maybe most importantly, Devil’s Lake is a breathtaking park that demonstrates the beauty of the Wisconsin landscape at its best, but it only stays that way if we all do our part. As avid adventurers and nature lovers ourselves, we prioritize leaving the site of every elopement or engagement session the way we found it.

We’re certified Leave No Trace photographers, which means we’re especially good at preserving the areas where we shoot. If you bring us along, we’ll ensure you have the best elopement ever while remaining ethically and environmentally responsible. It makes the memories that much sweeter.  

Sound like a lot?

That’s because it kind of is! If you’ve reached information-overwhelm, fear not. We’re professional and seasoned photographers that have gone through this process more than a few times. We’re happy to handle a bit of the planning for you. All you need to do is enjoy a beautiful moment with your partner – one you can cherish for years to come. 

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