Confession Friday / Editing My Definition

October 23, 2015

Wisconsin Wedding Photography - Natural Intuition Photography-1

What is photography to me?

Photography is more than just what is right and wrong. Photography is emotion, it’s heart and it’s love.

edit with emotion not with math – levi // adventure and story workshop

When my clients look at their wedding photos I want them to be transported back to that day, I want the emotions to come flooding back. I have had clients email me that they cry happy tears every time they look at their photos, they were elated at how I would capture the moment the emotion the feeling. There are so many feelings going on during a wedding day, Father’s daughters are getting married, a sister is standing next to her best friend as she says forever to the love of her life, a man is taking a giant leap into the unknown wonders of life and marriage. It’s a day filled with so much love, joy and fear. Yes, fear – fear that you are not going to be a good companion, fear that the day isn’t going to be perfect, or just the excitement that feels like fear, because you are saying I DO to a wild ride with a person you love and adore, your saying I DO to amazing adventures with a person who loves the good and ugly parts of you.

Editing as a photographer is how we enhance those emotions, it’s how we showcase our own personalities and love for what we do in each and every photo. Editing is Emotion, it’s love, it’s You & Me.

with love, Christine