Community over Competition

June 24, 2015

Rising Tide, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I have been thinking a lot of this lately with all the meeting of new photographer friends over the past few months. I have honestly never thought of other photographers as competition – we are our biggest supporters. We are each others cheerleaders, friends, shoulders to cry on and people to vent our frustrations. Let me tell you a story of how a dear friend and photographer talked me off the ledge.

We just met for a drink a few hours before this and I sent her a message on Facebook telling her that I am terrified that I am not good enough and that I am a failure. Why was I thinking this? Because there are photographers popping up all over the place, wedding guests that are snap happy, and there is always someone that is willing do do the same job (may not be better) for cheaper. What did she do?? Told me exactly what I needed to hear, and then pointed be toward Creative Live where Sue Bryce was talking about owning it. This where I watched, cried and a rock fell off my heart.

The reason I am telling you this story is, because if you are a photographer or a small business owner you have felt this before. We have struggles, fears and stress about the future and present. I want you to know that you are not along, and to ensure that you know someone in your area that will there when you need them – I am holding a little get together of small business owners. And will hope to keep it running every month, and in the hopes we meet new friends or at least get to know some awesome people in the area. We are each other roots that hold us onto our passion of choice. I am inviting a wonderful group of people to my home or favorite coffee shop to talk business and to mingle with some wonderful people. I am was so lucky to have found the wonderful ladies behind The Rising Tide – who started this wonderful gathering last month with the first meetings around the country! If you would like to be added to the online Facebook group I would LOVE to have you just CLICK HERE to check it out!

Coming Soon to Stevens Point on the 1st Tuesday of July !

Keep an eye on my Instagram account and Facebook Page for dates and details!