February 26, 2017

2016 was an amazing year. Not to say there wasn’t any heart ache. Amazing people have left this earth and failures were made. But you know what!? I didn’t fail, I learned something. Those amazing people who have left this earth, are having an amazing afterlife – I just know it! Life is filled with ups and downs but it’s how we react to them that make up our future.

A few of the awesome things that happened in 2016!

This was my first year full time, first year in Madison, first successful RAD PHOTOGRAPHERS RETREAT and busiest year yet! I learned so much from the things I thought were failures.

I photographed 18 amazing wedding and 1 stunning elopement. Along with countless families and couples who were up for some fun adventures!

Justin and I moved to Madison on Memorial Weekend – just 1 week before non stop wedding started.

We took a 2 week camping vacation in the middle of the madness in September!

And we ended the year with an engagement session on a tree farm!

[flo_gallery gallery_type=”slideshow” ids=”10456,10457,10458,10459,10460,10461,10462,10463,10464,10465,10466,10467,10468,10469,10470,10471,10472,10474″ ]Above you will find one photo from each wedding we photographed this year! It was so hard to narrow it down to just ONE! Some of these image are never before seen on social media! I end each year with a heart full of love, I cry thinking about the couples who invited me in and the families that trusted me with their memories. I can never express full how honored and thankful I am to each and every human who hires me. Each of these couples could have hired anyone else, but something brought them to me and we were meant to cross paths. If my couples weren’t spread out throughout the US I would have a big party to thank each and every one of you! Along, with giving you a huge bear hug 🙂


THANK YOU – now get to voting!


Comment below with your favorite couple & photo! I will announce the winner on January 9th at 8AM via blog & email!