Beauty in any Location

October 16, 2013

Everyone that I book always asks me about locations – and at the time of booking I tell them to meet me some where or my home before we go. When they get there we usually go to a different location, or one day I did it at the edge of the drive way. The photo below was taken at the edge of the driveway – the trees behind my apartment are always so beautiful I wanted to utilize them. The days before were rainy so everywhere was wet, wet, wet – so tall grass was out of the question. We used a small part of land that looks like it was taken in the woods, so they could stay completely dry. I have taken Baby Bump photos in a small patch of grass that also made it look like they were in a field – I am good at utilizing the space around me, and keeping the family dry, happy and semi clean 🙂

Central Iwsconsin Family Photographer