Mack & Lizzie

November 17, 2015

Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0001Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0002Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0003Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0004Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0005Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0006Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0007Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0008Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0009Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0010Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0011Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0012Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0013Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0014Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0015Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0016Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0017Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0018Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0019Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0020Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0021Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0022Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0023Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0024Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0025Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0026Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0027fall wedding bouquets, wisconsin wedding photographerfall wedding bouquets, wisconsin wedding photographerWisconsin wedding Photographer_0028Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0029Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0030Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0031Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0032Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0033Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0034Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0035Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0036Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0037Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0040Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0039Wisconsin wedding Photographer_0038These two right here are two people that you instantly want to be friends with, they know how to make you smile, they love to have fun, and are always up for an adventure. Their engagement session included her fathers canoe, where her father’s memory was brought into the wedding with a remembrance candle, to laying flowers on his grave, then a church he built at their reception. It continued with a memory dance with her new husband in place of the father daughter dance. This was was a dance where for the first time I had to stop photographing due to tears filling and over flowing in my eyes. His life and a new life together was then celebrated with some of the most amazing dancing I have seen. I mean people everyone should have a polka band at their reception! The ballroom was FILLED with dancing people! I mean FILLED! We had to be careful where we were walking to ensure we weren’t knocked over by someone and their amazing moves.

it has been really hard to express how much I adored this wedding, and the exact words to express the love these two have for each other. it was an honor to photograph the beginning of an amazing life adventure together!

with love, christine


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