BAREFEET & DIRTY DRESSES | Live in the Moment!

July 14, 2022

Embrace the adventure of your wedding day!

You’ve dreamed of the dress you will wear on your wedding day. You try it on with your mom and best friend in tow. You’ve walked down the aisle toward the love of your life. It all looks like something out of the movies. 

The reality, though, is that this super amazing dress you’ve been dreaming of will get dirty. It may get ripped, and you’ll probably spill wine on it, probably. 

But you know what? It doesn’t really matter! 

Rips can be mended.

Wine spills can be cleaned.

Dirt washes off. 

Go ahead and get those amazing photos of your spotless dress, but don’t be afraid to let it get a little dirty.

Take your heels off, walk in the grass, drop some Cheetos in your lap, and be you! And remember, dry cleaners are magicians!

Focus on what really matters.

What matters is walking down the aisle toward the person you’ve dreamed of – not the dress.  And that amazing human is going to love and adore you till your last day on earth, even if your dress gets mud on it, a spider gets stuck in the tule, or your aunt steps on your train and tears it. 

No matter what happens, your love will look into your eyes and tell you that the rip is a memory of when you two started an amazing adventure together. An adventure that will be filled with little rips, little arguments, and plenty of wine spills.

Let your wedding party be the one that walks in water, sits on the ground, and climbs on rocks for a memorable, stunning photo. Trust us, it will be worth it!

But most importantly, do what makes you happy. If you’d rather stay squeaky clean for your “I Do’s,” that’s totally fine.

We just want you to know that it’s okay to go a little crazy sometimes.

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate, dance, drink, and be present!

Don’t worry about those bugs, spiders, and dirt. It’ll all wash out.

We are Natural Intuition Photographers!

We encourage you to embrace the day fully and not worry about the dirt! Clothes can always be cleaned!

Book today for a chill, and amazing day you will really enjoy!