The App that Saved me THOUSANDS | Mile IQ App

April 19, 2017
Best Phone Apps for Small Businesses - Madison Wi MentoringWhat is the best app I could have ever downloaded!?

This is the time of year where we all feel a ton of pressure, anger, and sadness. All things as a small business owner feel at tax time. We are so angry at the government that they take so much of the money we are working hard to make! Sad when we have to write that large check to the Federal Government and State. I have been becoming a very OCD business owner throughout the years. This past year I was crazy organized with receipts, mileage, and filing. I used to just pile up my receipts and made up my mileage. So not organized at all!

Here are just a few things I changed!

1 | I have files for every month with categories for all my receipts.

2 | Made a separate bank account for money to put towards taxes

3 | Downloaded MileIQ App

That last one is the app that saved me THOUSANDS on taxes this year! Yes, THOUSANDS!  I was terrified when I mailed off all my papers to my accountant – yes I mail them, we do not sit down. I love my accounting office because they only contact me through emails! It’s rather awesome! Saves me so much time for other things! Back to this amazing app! MileIQ is simply amazing – you just purchase, turn it on and go! You only have to remember to classify all your drives! SUPER EASY! This app saved me from having to write a few extra thousand on that check – those really crush the soul! Justin looked at me like I was crazy I was so excited!

No, I am not bragging – I am sharing this to help you out as a small business owner. We work damn hard for that money, so finding rad ways to save us from getting a few extra more grey hairs is always a plus!

If you are a small business that travels a ton like we do – thousands and thousands of miles per month! You would LOVE this app! Classifies each drive both personal and business so the IRS sees them all if they need to!

If you are someone who needs this app, use this LINK to save 20% !