March 30, 2022

Why you should hire a wedding planner & honest advice from wedding planners!

Wedding planning advice from the professional themselves! Hiring a wedding planner may seem like an unnecessary expense, but there are actually many benefits to having one! A good wedding planner will save you time and money, help keep you organized, and make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. Here’s some real advice from actual wedding planners to help you decide if hiring a professional is right for you.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to hear from real wedding planners, why you should hire a wedding planner!

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First, we get to hear from the ever-rad Danielle of Rosewood Wed!

#1 reason a couple should hire a wedding planner?

The moment you have a ring on that finger, you’re expected to know the ins and outs of the (very intimidating and ever-changing) wedding industry. And that’s just not realistic. If you’re an RN, you’re an expert in that field. If you’re an accountant, that’s your space of understanding…and so on. Think of hiring a wedding planner as hiring a consultant. They have a thorough understanding of an area relatively unfamiliar to you. That expertise and unwavering support during planning is so important – even for the most hands-on couples. 

Your top advice for couples planning their day?

Regroup your intentions as often as possible. It’s so easy to get caught up in family politics while organizing the invites; and the most appropriate meal selections given dietary restrictions and time of year – etc. Regroup your wedding vision, together, and dig up those ‘OG’ intentions for the day. Your wedding should reflect you. Shed all of that people-pleasing weight during planning, and keep your goals front of mind. 

What wedding trend do you adore most? OR want to see it?

Outside of the ceremony itself, I love when the wedding meal is a focal point. Maybe it’s because I’m a food hoe – but I have a strong belief that there is something so significant about gathering your kith and kin around a dinner table. Especially since the days of quarantine – yes, everyone wants a dance party…but more so to engage in conversation over a delicious meal. It’s the ultimate treat, and a timeless way to celebrate the union of marriage. 

Check out her rad website work here!

Check out Sophie & Corey’s wedding where we got the opportunity to see her work firsthand! She is epic and freaking awesome to work with!

wedding planning tips from real wedding planners

Some amazing advice from Amy of Relaxed Event Planning!

#1 reason a couple should hire a wedding planner?

The number one reason a couple should hire a wedding planner is to help their vision come to life and bring together all the key players to make that happen. Not only can we help design their dream day, but we are connected to oodles of talented vendors that will match their style & personality. All of that combined provides a truly exceptional and memorable experience for the couple and their guests!

Your top advice for couples planning their day?

My top advice for couples would be to focus on what is most important to them. If the meal is the most important piece then find the best caterer or venue with the best chef and customize your menu to fit your perfect meal. Is the party is the most important piece then hire an outstanding band and create some delicious cocktails to serve to your guests. If the ambiance and style of the wedding is the most important part then invest your dollars into some jaw-dropping floral and rentals. It’s YOUR day, do what makes you the happiest!

What wedding trend do you adore most? OR want to see it?

I adore the wedding trend the most would be unique and fashion-forward floral arrangements. Floral designers are constantly pushing the envelope with breathtaking installations and delicate details from tablescapes to personal flowers. They are some of the most creative people in the industry in my opinion.

Check out her work here! (FYI – we did all her brand photos on her site too!!!)

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Wedding advice from wedding planners

Beautifull refreshing advice from the women at Elevate Events!

#1 reason a couple should hire a wedding planner?

Most couples have spent months, even years envisioning their dream wedding and have never had the experience of planning a large-scale event, much less one they have spent so much time dreaming about! Hiring a wedding planner gives you that guidepost to lean on if you have questions and puts your special day into the hands of an industry expert to ensure your day runs smoothly remains cohesive in design, and allows you to FULLY enjoy the day with your new spouse and loved ones.

Your top advice for couples planning their day?

Research and determine your vision for your day and stick to it! With all of the social media platforms and inspiration out there, it can be very easy to get caught up in ALLL of the trends. Instagram and Pinterest can be great for finding key inspiration images to share with your vendors so they can get a clear understanding of your dream vision, sometimes from just one photo or moodboard! From there, find ways to make each of the ideas your own and tailor it to your and your fiancé’s personal style and story! 

What wedding trend do you adore most? OR want to see it?

We love to find ways to incorporate our couples’ love stories into their day. Creating a unique escort card display, infusing your hobbies into your wedding day decor, or adding your pets’ names as your signature cocktails are just a few examples we’ve seen and adored. Weaving in your background and history of who you are as individuals (and now, as a couple) shows intentionality in your wedding and are ways to make your event that much more memorable and special!

Check out her rad website work here!

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