December 28, 2022

4 reasons why anniversary photos are so important. 

It’s only natural that we make such a big deal out of your wedding – the love, the family, the photos, the works, but celebrating your love should last forever.

Anniversary photos are a great way of doing just that. Here’s why:

You’ll have even more snapshots in time 

Anniversary photos – especially with several sessions over the years – show how you’ve grown as a couple. Like your wedding photos, they can capture you at a specific point in time.

Your relationship will change after your wedding. As a couple, you become grounded as you continue to grow. Your hair will change, your style will change, and your relationship will evolve. Anniversary photos are a great way to prioritize your marriage. No need for a big event, your love is worthy of celebration in its own right.

Farm Photography in Wisconsin anniversary photos

Leave your legacy for future generations to enjoy 

I don’t know about you, but leafing through old photos of relatives makes my heart sing! There’s something about the history, the people in the photos, the old ways of the world, that is so cool to look back on. Anniversary photos aren’t just for you and your partner, they’re for your family. They’re a beautiful way of commemorating your love beyond your time and connecting with your lineage. 

It’s an excuse to do something fun. 

Make a date of it! Get dolled up, get photos taken, and spend the rest of the evening celebrating your anniversary over oysters and a bottle of champagne (tacos and beer work too). Anniversary photos are something to look forward to and the act of getting your pictures taken can be a fun event in itself. 

We give you 1% off for every year you’ve been married

As wedding (and anniversary) photographers, we’re in the business of love. And like I mentioned before, we want to help you celebrate your marriage beyond your big day.

That’s why at Natural Intuition Photography, we offer 1% off for every year you’ve been married. Think about…that silver anniversary shoot is gonna be a really good deal.

It’s our job, and our pleasure, to help you have an amazing photography experience. We’ve been photographing weddings, engagements, and anniversaries for over a decade.

With our super-secret combo of making people laugh, harnessing the best light, and pumping up two people in love, we take some pretty rad photos. Don’t be surprised if your session turns into a dance party or laughing fest complete with happy tears.

If you’re looking for natural, journalistic-style photos you can treasure for a lifetime, we’ll get along just fine. CLICK HERE to check out some of our anniversary sessions.