October 24, 2022

4 Great Ways to Gift Your Photographer 

And other ways to say “thank you!”

The months (maybe even years) of planning your wedding or elopement have finally come to an end. As your time with your photographer comes to a close, you think to yourself, “I want to do something nice for them. How do I thank them for making this experience absolutely amazing?”

In this post, we’re helping you do just that. From leaving reviews to giving gifts, we’re sharing some of the best thank you “gift” ideas for your rad photographer. 

1. Refer your friends and family 

By far the best gift you can give ANY photographer you work with is a referral. Sure, you’re giving them more work but that’s kinda the point! When you refer your photographer to your friends or family, you’re spreading word of mouth about how great you thought they were. Not only does this help out any friends who may be in the planning phase, but it also helps to grow your photog’s business in the process. 

Your referral can result in more work for your photog’s portfolio, more connections and relationships, and even more referrals. This helps your photographer in more ways than one and goes the longest way in giving them thanks. Referrals are the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Leave a glowing review.

Like leaving a referral, a review helps your photographer get in front of other potential clients. If you don’t have the opportunity to refer any of your personal connections, a review is the way to go (but you can always do both!).

Describe how your photographer went above and beyond during the planning and execution phases of your special day. Genuine reviews that praise your photographer will essentially act as referrals to strangers. Whenever a potential new client is looking for a photographer, YOUR review might be the one to persuade them! Plus, a strong streak of reviews can help your photo rank higher in a Google search.

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3. Hand-written thank you 

When you’re cranking out those thank you letters post-wedding, make sure to include your vendors! A hand-written thank you is a simple way to show your appreciation. Personalize each message so it highlights what, specifically, you were thankful for.

Did your photog snap the best picture ever taken of your beloved family dog? Did she swoop in last minute to stitch up a hem? Calling out the moments that stood out to you will mean the world to your photographer. And a personable, hand-written thank you is sure to make their day.

Besides the old-fashioned hand-written thank you, you may also want to consider acknowledging your photographer at the wedding! Adding your thanks to the speech you deliver to your guests is a powerful way to show your photographer how much you appreciate them. 

4. Okay… Tips are good too.

It is A-OKAY to tip your photographer, especially when they’ve exceeded the expectations of your initial investment. Whether you’re tipping with extra cash or a gift card, this gesture speaks volumes and is greatly appreciated (though it’s not expected). The same general tipping rules apply here with a 15-20% gratuity being the norm if you’re satisfied with the service. But remember, simply leaving a review is more than enough to make us melt with appreciation!

Whatever you decide, we appreciate you.

These are some great ways to say “thank you” to your photographer. We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate things like referrals and reviews because they help us continue to grow our business and totally warm our hearts. And as always, it’s our ultimate goal to make your day as special, seamless, and memorable as possible.

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