2013 – What an Amazing Year it’s Been !

December 30, 2013

It’s this time of year that we sit back and look at the adventures and challenges life threw at you this past year. 2013 was nothing different!

2013 brought, great people, great memories, and wonderful times!

It was full of new things! New website, new blog, new investments – and challenges that I may say I KICKED ass! Owning your own business is not all fun and games – I have learned more about taxes, branding, marketing and so on. But most of all I have learned how to connect with the people I meet and photograph more. To get them the most out of their experience with me – we become friends!

Those challenges I have mentioned come every year, but I am ever so happy that I have friends and family to help me through it all. There is always someone kind there to help me through it, push me in the right direction and help me realize I am where I am supposed to be and the hard work is always worth it.  I fully believe that, the late nights, early mornings, long hours, and gallons of coffee are all SOOO worth it! I wouldn’t change it for a thing, it has made me the person I am today.

I am so excited to see where 2014 will bring my way! I am so ready!